About Food&_


Food&_ started in 2013 after an initial collaboration between Jonathan Finch, Rosalind Stoughton (Passport), Christopher Nunn alongside co-founders Katy Lanceley and Ross Featherstone.  The aim was to create a platform that would allow talented individuals, creatives, cooks and makers to collaborate and share their skills and stories with the world.

We never anticipated it taking off so quickly, nor becoming such a huge part of our daily lives. We’ve worked with some wonderful talent and met (both digitally and physically) a fantastic array of people from all across the world, hosted events, meals and – at the time of writing- we’re still less than 2 years old.

After 12 months online, we decided to open up the site a step further. Our aim has always been for the site to act as a platform to showcase everyone’s talents by being open, collaborative and allowing everyone involved to feel integral to the site (because they are!). So it was with great excitement that in November 2014 we announced a new team of editors to work alongside us to deliver even more delicious content and take Food&_ into an exciting second year.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who’s been involved. We’re looking forward to growing the site, meeting new people, hearing their stories and making new friends along the way. Oh and eating good food.

– Ross & Katy