Food Memories: Frutti Di Mare - A Love Story


I proposed to my wife in Kefalonia. The Greek Islands (and its food) had played a major part in our lives, our holidays together getting better every year, so it seemed…

Leigh Linley
Rose Jocham

Leigh Linley & Rose Jocham

Taking the bitter with the sour


The beer world is in thrall to two tastes, bitterness and sourness. Bitterness provided by modern hop strains is the flashy avant-garde of the beer revival. The mysticism and complexity…

Matt Gorecki
Tamara-Jade Kaz

Matt Gorecki & Tamara-Jade Kaz

Drawings at The Modern Pantry


May van Millingen is an illustrator whose work spans the world's of print, books, contemporary culture, textiles and design. May's process combines mark making and strong graphic lines, with a…

May van Millingen

May van Millingen

Autumn is Tasty


Fay Myers

Fay Myers

Good News


Back in 1979, in a northern suburb of Copenhagen, I would go to the grocery store with my mother. It was a small shop, but we were able to buy…

Katrine Ekman
Nick Ellwood

Katrine Ekman & Nick Ellwood

The Inheritance of Food Traditions


“Most of our childhood is stored not in photos, but in certain biscuits, lights of day, smells, textures of carpet.” This tweet, one of many from contemporary philosopher Alain de Botton,…

Danica van de Velde
Joe Gomez
Hannah Rampley

Danica van de Velde, Joe Gomez & Hannah Rampley



Mum never let you eat sweets; she used to say, They’ll rot your teeth and your brain, and you could do with every cell. So you never ate any, not…

James Giddings
Lauren Feather

James Giddings & Lauren Feather

Baleada Lady


I have a theory: food tastes better when you’re by the sea. Something about the salt in the air and the cool sea breeze gives the extra edge to your…

May Simargool
Ruby Lawrence

May Simargool & Ruby Lawrence